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17'' Rare, (only 1 in stock) Natural, untreated, high vibe, Purple Sapphire, a stone of prosperity. It will help you attract and maintain abundance and prosperity in your life.

It will also encourage you to open your mind to the beauty and wonder that surrounds you. It will help you gain wisdom that will support you in your endeavors. 

This stone awakens and improves the spirituality by way of pulling higher vibrations through the third eye and crown chakras. By way of stimulating the pineal gland, the purple sapphire may deepen the intuition and may calm the emotional instability. You can also use this stone in opening and energizing the crown chakra, increasing the visualization when meditating.

Generally, sapphire is a stone of tranquility, peace, spiritual truth, and spiritual healing. 

Purple Sapphire Prosperity Necklace

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