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Mysterious radio signals from other galaxies more than 30,000 light years away from us,  captured here in art form. There are many theories of their origin and reason. The first was encountered in 2007 and they have been recurring ever since. A burst of their signal contains as much energy as 500 million suns. Like black holes releasing energy of electro magnetism into our galaxy. Scientists are trying to decode them.


(Framing & gemstone embellishment on the an optional add on.)


​This esoteric piece swallows you in and transports you to another plane of reality.


Artist Jane Mckeogh, studied under a teacher from The Slade. She uses the traditional technique of layering glazes of oil on oil which is a classical method from the old masters. Deliberately applying the paint in layers brings depth and luminosity to her paintings.

Jane is also a working Astrologer (and my Mother!)  at the moment she is creating a cosmic art series.

Please find her Astroogy book for children link on my social page.

Signals from Space

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