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Tallulah Designs was founded in 2010 but only made it online in lockdown 2020, where life slowed down enough for me to be able to give it the time & energy needed. 

All my gemstones, jewellery & art are sourced and handmade by me. They are all natural & untreated, bringing the highest vibration and charged with reiki healing energy.


Not all gemstones you buy are alike. Some are heat treated at high heats to give clarity to the stone but weakening their healing properties and vibration.

Some are created in a laboratory and whilst they are pretty they are obviously un-natural.

My jewellery is different because you can trust that I only buy from miners who sell natural gems from the earth.

I sit with each stone filling it with reiki energy before I send it out to you and call in healing energy and protection and any other intention you would like me to add.


When you receive your jewellery you may also like to take a moment to connect with the stone. Place it in your hand and see if you can feel their gentle vibration.

This can take practice to learn but is very possible for everyone. Find a comfortable, quiet place to sit, maybe light some candles and have photos of loved ones making a sacred space. I also love having large pieces of gemstones near me.

Have your stones in your hand and close your eyes, start meditative breathing slowly in and out and clear your mind of thoughts.

See what you can feel and whether you can generate heat and energy into your hand chakras. And please feel free to share with me any of your experiences. 

You may wish to set an intention for the stone to help you with. That might be to protect you from absorbing negative energy from others, or maybe to keep to a routine or natural healthy food plan.

To have courage, faith, love and compassion maybe.. I set one intention and work with that for a while. I then clear the energies after a week or two with palo santo or sage, or I run them under water, or hang them on my salt lamps and I then reset the intention. You can buy Palo Santo or dried sage online easily.

Watch your life transform!

After needing to change my pace of life in 2010, I found much solace and healing in spirituality. Studying a degree in metaphysical science, working with a shaman learning Reiki, practicing meditation & Vinyasa Yoga, I gained the peace of mind and quality of life which had been missing.

Having studied art at college and having always been interested in anything creative I am so happy to be working with colour once more.

As a Scorpio sun sign I have always loved gemstones. One of my favourite pastimes is collecting and learning the specific healing properties of each different stone and then putting that into helping my daily life practices.  


(Fun fact: Hades, god of Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, adorned himself in gems!)

My Mother, Jane Mckeogh, is an incredible Astrologer as well as an inspirational amazing lady. Our dream is to integrate Astrology & natural healing therapies with western medicine and teachings, so they can work hand in hand which has been our very positive experience over the years. You can find links to her work on my social page.

I am hoping to either find or create a charity to affiliate with to keep the countryside where we live, litter free so we can all enjoy the harmony of nature more.

Please stay tuned for pop ups and more soon!


All my packaging uses recycled and eco materials. The ribbon is made of 100% recycled plastic bottles and my cards are made from recycled paper.

I am excited to be able to share my work and healing practices with you. 

love, Tallulah x

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