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Be You Aventurine crystal. 6.5'' My favourite lucky charm! From job interviews to dating and finances, your Aventurine crystal stone acts like a lucky charm to give you all the luck in the world when you need it most. This reputation has given Aventurine it's nickname, the “Gambler’s Stone.”  Thought to be 2.5 million years old, Aventurine has seen many uses. Ethiopian cultures used Aventurine to make different kinds of tools, including axes. Ancient Tibetans often adorned their statues’ eyes with Aventurine because they believed it would increase its powers. I also find my aventurine incredibly calming giving me a positive sense of wellbeing in social situations. A heart chakra stone, i breathe in a field of green power when I gaze at it.

Be You Aventurine

SKU: 0001
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